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Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza & Happy New Year from me to all of you

Nita Kramer

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah & Happy Kwanza to all members & their families during this joyous time of year.

Much Love & Peace, M&M Reed

Happy Holidays… May you have a good 2019 and Remember don’t let anything get in your way of the dreams & goals that you have for yourself. Most of all be happy within yourself.

Cheryl & Bill Valin

Season’s Greetings?


Thank God for a life well lived!

Ebenezer Ethel Kirtley

Merry Yuletide Blessings to you all. Hope you decorated your

houses really pretty and see you in the New Year!

Ho, ho, ho Sandi Claus

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and Bless the people we lost.

Greg & Denise

I’m in great gratitude for all of you who teach me…

allow me to be here to contribute.

Wishing you blessings from

The Woods: Pete, Nick, Phyllis & Kathleen

God bless those less fortunate than we are. God bless my brother in law.

Penny & David Juare

I would like to send Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday Greetings to all along with wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Sharlene Ornelas

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! I hope to see you in the New Year.

Maria DeCristofaro

May the Happiness of the Holiday Season warm your heart

throughout the year. Happy Holidays to one and all.

Sandra Spencer & Haley Jane Wigglebutt

Happy Holidays

Love Alice and Bernard Schonfeld

Wishing our BHC family and friends a safe & joyous Holiday Season. May you find health, joy & love in the New Year.

Diana, Irene, Darin & DaChocolat

Greetings SDISC!

It’s been a spectacular year and we’ve accomplished a lot together. Thanks for your continued support for allowing me to keep the building in a great state of being for you. Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! Great things are ahead!


I wish each of you good health, happiness, the comforts of friendship and love at this holiday season.

Beth Tatman

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