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A Bit About Us

The Bankers Hill Club

A 501c3

The Start of an era:


In the early part of the last century, sensing a need in the disabled community for fellowship, a group of persons with disabilities banded together to create a space where they could have events, parties, and dinner meetings that would be geared toward inclusivity. April 1930 they officially formed the club.


In 1931, facing a fast growing membership and a community with a great interest in events, Sunshine Adams of Culver City realized there was a need for able bodied persons to help orchestrate the events, and so Sunshine gathered four people from San Diego with connections to the community and they formed the sister organization called the “Good Sports Club”. The purpose of the club was to help assist in running the dinners, socials and event, additionally the overarching aim of the Good Sports was to help find some in San Diego to get together for a monthly parties and events; and so it began.


In the early 40's large fundraisers were held in an effort to create a more permanent location for the group. Although the Good Sports Club and had their own separate nonprofit entities, traditionally both organizations collaborated on two big fundraisers each year to raise monies toward the betterment of the Club, and the operation of the organization. In 1946 land was purchased on the location of the current building on Front St., a location with breathtaking views overlooking the Coronado Island, Point Loma, and the San Diego harbor.


It took nearly 6 more years to raise the funds and construct the clubhouse at 3030, and by 1950 construction on the clubhouse was complete. By years end the Good Sports Club had their first dinner party in the new clubhouse. This began what would become over 8 decades of fellowship, entertainment, and social engagement for hundreds if not thousands of members who have walked through the storied doors of the building at 3030, and for many the Club was and is one of the few opportunities for social engagement and group fellowship among like minded persons.


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