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Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza! And all those other holidays that bring another year to a close. It seems that time goes by faster each year!

Recently, I got a postcard from an agency that had my high school written on it. Seems that they are updating the Class of 1967 information. I called the number on the card and a woman with a southern accent answered. They were working on a hard covered yearbook for us for $164.00. Now I am sure some of my classmates would jump at the chance to get a new year book. Not I said me! I am not living in the past. My life is in the present with you guys. Thanks to a caregiver who is so much more than that, I have had a wonderful and

fulfilling life. We go places and do things. I have a really good happy life, much happier than in high school. Being a grown woman is much better.

So with that said, WOW… we’re getting ready to start a New Year! Please come help us ring in the New Year by bringing your favorite, already prepared dish to share.

So many fun and exciting things are on the Club’s horizon in the coming year. As a short teaser this is what we have ahead: Sunday Bingo, Uptown Rhythm Makers, Clan Riche, a mariachi band! I’m looking forward to each and everyone of these events!

Happy New Year and Love, Me

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