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TUESDAY, January 15, 2018

Crafting starts at 1:00PM

Regardless of your artistic abilities, you'll find inspiration and relaxation in our 'crafternoon' creating a fun project, listening and singing along to our favorite music or just jibber jabbering the afternoon away.

Thanks to the generosity of Sandra Spencer, once again we will be making Stuffed Dolls. Bodies are limited so you MUST RSVP to the clubhouse (619-574-9151) to make sure you will have a doll body.

It’s all about the personality, so you can dress up the doll, add yarn hair and other accessories to define who they are.

Then, if time allows, we will be making little sock snowmen that you can also accessorize. Will yours be playing an instrument, ringing a bell, eating, just chilling? You decide…

Of course, everyone’s creations will be posted on Facebook.

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