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Bingo came early this year as members gathered on December 6th for some rousing rounds of BINGO! First two games of regular Bingo were won by Irene Sumaya.

Sharlene Ornelas quickly caught up in the prize department by winning the Birthday Cake game. Then Sandi Nicholls decided she wanted the East-West Railroad ties and

Sharlene Ornelas took a looooong time but finally got those darn ties! Diana McDonald and Ethel Kirtley snuck in a regular Bingo win before the regular session was completed with Irene Sumaya once again winning with a Big X.

Sharlene Ornelas won the first Special Bingo, followed by Sandi Nicholls with her Double Bingo. Last but certainly not least, David Juare, Diana McDonald and Irene Sumaya all hit Blackout Bingo at the same time!

We talk smack but it’s all in fun as Bunco brings out the worst in our members! Irene Sumaya had a good week as she had the Most Wins (9). Both her and Magdalena Guillen had the most Buncos (5). Magdalena Guillen had the most Points (220), Chery Valin had the Most Losses (16) and Sandra Spencer had the Least Points (53).

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