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The following members have submitted their letters of intent to run for the 2019-2020 term of the Board of Directors. In case of a run off, elections will be held before the November 11th Sunday Dinner. Members will be asked to cast their vote as they come in and results will be given during the General Membership Meeting.


Nita Kramer

My name is Nita Kramer and I intend to run for Bankers Hill Club President for a second term. I love being President of the Bankers Hill Club. During my Presidency, we've gotten so much done. We have a new website to promote the organization. The building has been painted and is looking gorgeous. We had new floors installed in the bathrooms and lobby. We’ve gotten new lightning to make this place bright. We've been setting up lots of rental to keep this club financially sound. I realize that I have had a lot of help to do all this but I have surrounded myself with quality people and we are turning into a well oiled machine! I would like very much to continue leading this organization and making it better than it already is!


Irene Sumaya

My name is Irene Sumaya and I am interested in running for Board of Directors Secretary. I have been the Secretary for

several organizations, including various City of San Diego Employee Associations so know all about handling secretarial duties. I love this organization and its members and would be honored to serve as your Board of Directors Secretary as we continue to move forward. Thank you for your consideration .

Denise Lala
My name is Denise Lala and this is my letter of intent to run for General Board Member. For the past two years, I have been a Board Member and have chaired Membership and Fundraising. Being a Board Member has helped me serve the membership by bringing good ideas to help increase
membership and raise money. I would love to be able to serve the membership for another two years.
Diana McDonald
My name is Diana McDonald and for the past two years I have been your Director of Communications. I have updated our various club pages with upcoming events, uploading pictures to various albums so everyone can see the fun we have here at Bankers Hill Club. Once a month, I E-mail members and friends our wonderful newsletter and calendar which I help produce. I helped put together a brochure and business cards so we can reach more potential members through Membership recruitment events. Yes, it's A LOT of work but I love doing this! As my term comes to an end, I would love to continue serving the Bankers Hill Club membership as the Director of Communications for the next two years. Please show your support and re-elect me in November.

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