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Greetings Fellow 3030ers!

I am so glad we are back together. Summer went so fast… I blinked and it was time to return! Guess that’s what happens when you keep busy .

Yes, we’ve been REALLY REALLY REALLY busy since we left after May Sunday Dinner. I hope that you noticed the beautiful changes that have been done to 3030.

Let’s do some exercises. Take a look above: new lights under the porch, bathrooms, foyer, main hall, kitchen, patio, stage and even the wash rooms! Take a look

below you: new floors in the entry way and men’s

Bathroom. Of course, take a look outside: Darin Sims has been working hard on the outside. He’s finished painting the building and the window frames… all they need are new screens before being reinstalled. Yep, our jewel is really starting to sparkle again!

Sparkle inside and out we will! Today we will be having La Rondalla de San Diego entertain us with some

traditional Mexican tunes. Next month, the Rhinestone Grannies will be belting out some tunes in keeping with our Gangsta Halloween Dinner. Be sure your bus

reservations are for after 4:00PM to catch entire show.

Rolling into the End of Year Activities,


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