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BUNCO Winners

I say, the noisier the better… ting, Ting, TINg, TING not tiny tings were heard as members came back from summer break for the first Bunco game of the season on September 13, 2018.

New player Larry Byrd could be seen licking his wounds or wiping his tears as Diana McDonald found her groove and kept hitting mini bunco after mini bunco racking up points to quickly hit 21. Her secret??? She practiced throwing those dice all summer long! She was the big game winner with Most Wins, Most Buncos and Most Points.

Larry Byrd played his cards right, oops wrong game, by sharing the Most Wins title. Maria DeCristofaro and Magdalena Guillen also ended up with smiles after winning for Most Buncos.

Penny Juare kept muttering, “I came, I sat, Did I play?” as she was the afternoon’s

biggest loser with 14 losses and 106 points.

Breath a sigh of relief Greg Henderson, you’ve retained you crown as Loss King with your 17 mind shattering losses!

Remember, to play the game you must pay $5, an Egg Hunt, Activity Prize or Take a Chance coupon. We play for prizes and prize suggestions are always welcome. Don’t

worry Ethel Kirtly, we stocked up on cleaning supplies! Maria DeCristofaro, paper

products are on the next shopping run.

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