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What happened when members return on September 20th with no Bingo games being played over the summer? Me thinks everyone forgot how to play since the numbers called were going on and on and on. Isn’t that how it usually is after summer breaks?

Will Soul started the afternoon by calling a whole bunch of numbers before Ethel Kirtly and Darin Sims called out BINGO to get the party started!

The second regular Bingo game was won by Magdalena Guillen. People, I need to hear you in the kitchen when you say BINGO!

Nita Kramer wasn’t sure if she had the BIG X so she dreeeew her BINGO out long and loud.

Tom Treher was ready for some cake when he hit the Birthday Cake Bingo.

Magdalena Guillen, I STILL couldn’t hear you in the kitchen when you called out BINGO!

Since dessert wasn’t ready yet, Willie called a freebie regular bingo game won by none other than Ethel Kirtly!

Cheryl Valin left without getting her SIX PRIZES for winning Single then Double BINGO during the Special Games. Now we’re going to have to send the Prize Patrol to search for her! Nita Kramer beat Cheryl to the punch by calling out BINGO for the Blackout round. Hey Cheryl… was I right in saying you’d get stuck waiting for O-62 since it was on both your cards?

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