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Are you living alone? Are you a senior or disabled? Would you like to have a senior volunteer check on you? Would you like to feel connected to the community?

You Are Not Alone. Four Words That Can Change Someone's Life...And Yours.

YANA is social movement with the goal of eliminating loneliness through the expression of compassion, connection, and caring to those facing life's challenges and celebrating life's successes. With every use of a YANA gift, the recipient is warmly reminded that you care with these four words, You Are Not Alone.

If you or someone you know lives alone with no friends or family available to consistently check on your welfare, You Are Not Alone (YANA) is a free service provided in most areas of San Diego County by senior volunteers in law enforcement agencies. A volunteer visits or calls a YANA client, making a social connection to let the person know that they really are not alone. YANA individuals can manage life on a day to day basis, but they recognize that a medical issue could become a crisis with support checking on them.

To enroll in the free service call the County RSVP office at 858-505-6399.

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