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San Diego Eldercare Directory

Your Guide to Independent Living and Long-Term Care

The San Diego Eldercare Directory is a comprehensive community resource providing quick access to critical information, such as which issues families need to consider, who to call, and the questions to ask. San Diego Eldercare Directory is organized into 14 topics, each introduced by an article featuring tips, checklists, answers to commonly asked questions, and questions to ask service providers. These topics include in-home care, financial and legal matters, insurance, nutrition, adult day care, housing options, and care giving information and support.

Supplementing this core of information are the yellow-page-like listings of more than 1500 local resources to help people live independently, to stay in their homes, and to find long-term care. Listings in the San Diego Eldercare Directory include resources for respite care, adult day care, in-home care, meals, transportation, housing, and home


Providers listed range from government agencies to nonprofit healthcare agencies to community service organizations to for-profit businesses.

The San Diego Union Tribune was gracious enough to provide the club with the 2018 Eldercare Directories to distribute to our members. Make sure you pick up your free copy today!

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