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HOLY COW! I can’t believe the year is half over and this is our last dinner until September. We will be out and about during the summer so look at your calendar because there’s plenty to do and best of all IT’S FREE! Since these are club activities you can request a return home MTS ticket from the outing.

We have Balboa Park Tuesday museums and concerts, concerts in El Cajon, Coronado and we just added

Santee. OH! Don’t forget 4th of July Potluck and the Pride Parade.

Just because we don’t have a June Sunday Dinner, it doesn’t mean we don’t have some June activities. We’ll still have Bunco, Bingo, Movie Matinee, Trivia and a new pilot program called Chucklehead Corner. Join us and share some of your favorite jokes or riddles and let’s see who gives the biggest laugh.

Just a reminder that when we return in September, we’ll be taking Letters of Intent for Board positions. Get involved in the Club by running for an office. Just a reminder that if you previously held an office and were removed from the Board Position, you are ineligible to run for a new position.

Going out to enjoy a beautiful early summer day, but I hope to see you at one of our out & about community events. The summer will go by so fast it will leave our heads spinning!

I’ll miss you all and like the song says, “I’ll see you in September.”

Love, Me!

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