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It can be hard to experience new things when living with a disability. This is why we strive to find fun, exciting and unique experience to share with our members. Hollis Cameron recently connected with Steve Muse, an avid

Challenged Sailor who like Hollis had a spinal cord injury over ten years ago. Steve hasenjoyed sailing with Challenged Sailors every week for the past few years.

Challenged Sailors will take people living with disabilities sailing every Tuesday at 4:30pm for FREE!!! The best part is, this is not just a light sail around the bay. It is a race! There are about 10 boats all nearly identical 21 footers that cast off for a 2-3 hour race in the harbor! Each lap around the buoy is timed and fasted times win. There are no prizes except the hard earned bragging rights of edging out the competition.

To take part in this great organization you must schedule ahead of time and you can find that information on their website. When contacting them be sure to clearly specify your physical situation so they can take the necessary steps to ensure you have a safe and fun experience.

“If you feel adventurous, I wouldn’t pass this one up. It’s great fun!” Hollis Cameron.

To learn more visit

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