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Our beautification project is moving along great and is

looking fresh and beautiful!

Our handyman extraordinaire Craig came for a week and spiffed up the Women’s Bathroom by taking down the partition and installing beautiful cherry wood floors. He also took down the hanging shelves in the kitchen which makes it look larger.

Darin Sims has finished fixing and painting the first floor of the outer building. He will be moving up to the second floor before he starts working on the second phase of the building project… the windows and trim! The MTS bus drivers keep saying they can’t believe how good the building is looking and how it all blends into the neighborhood now.

Ronnie, our gardener, came and cleared out the middle tree area, preparing it for our new landscaping project.

In May, I will finish working on the lobby cabinet and the outside bench. Now that the entry way has been completed, the green bench re ally stands out so it will be stripped and stained a natural wood color. I will also be refinishing the bare bricks then moving on and planting some succulents in the planters.

ANYONE got a green thumb??? Come on… get involved and leave your mark on the clubhouse. STAY TUNED… MORE IMPROVEMENTS COMING SOON!

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