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On April 19th, players armed themselves with Bingo cards waiting for their numbers to be called out by Sharlene Ornelas.

The first game was quickly won in a one-two punch by Ethel Kirtley and Sharlene Ornelas. The one-two punch twins continued their winning streak by winning the second regular Bingo game. Not wanting to be left out of the winnings, Melonie Engleman called out the Big X Bingo. Hmmm winner, winner chicken dinner “BO” was called out by Sandi Nicholls as she completed a double bingo of all B’s and O’s. Let me at those prizes cried Nita Kramer as she won the next regular Bingo game. Liking the win, Nita Kramer called out BINGO on the Birthday Cake special BINGO. David Juare stopped listening to the game long enough to say—ME TOO… BINGO!

After a quick break where players fortified themselves with a cookie pie dessert, they were ready for SPECIAL BINGO. Not sure if she had won or not, Diana McDonald quietly called out BINGO. While waiting for that other number which would have given her a Double Bingo, Ivan Torres snuck in and called BINGO. After a looooooong haul, Ivan Torres called out BINGO to win Blackout.

While selecting his prizes, he chose several envelopes which multiplied his wins. One envelope contained a PICK TWO and the Second envelope contained BINGO JACKPOT—PICK FIVE! He chose to pick two more envelopes but got a ZONK! And a free meal item. Pays to play those envelopes!!!

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