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Nita Kramer has been under the weather this month so instead you’re getting a long letter from the editor.

We’ve all heard those clinches “It takes a village,” “We’re all in this together,” “There’s no I in TEAM,” but what do they all mean and how do these quotes apply to us here at 3030?

Lately, we’ve been doing A LOT of repairing, cleaning, organizing, planning to maintain this organization’s future but a few individuals can’t do it by themselves.In order to make sure we serve our members’ needs, we need member’s input, participation and help!This clubhouse is here for the benefits of our members. This club is here to offer educational, rehabilitative and social opportunities. This club however, does NOT exist without ACTIVE members.

We try to provide entertainment and events to meet those mission goals.

When we play Trivia Wheel, yes it’s fun but it forces one to think and use the gray matter we have.

When we play Bunco, again it’s fun but throwing movement helps rehab those hands and wrists.

During Arts & Crafts, yep, fun and social but it allows one to outlet their creative expression for everyone to see.

Well what about the movies? These movies give us an opportunity to slow down, relax with friends and possibly discuss the movie itself afterwards. When one goes to the movies by themselves, don’t you wish you you had the chance to talk about it with someone who has seen it as well? Some of our discussions get pretty lively!

What about those meals on Tuesday and Thursday? We know many of you live by yourselves and we just want to make sure you’re getting your daily veggie intake in a square meal.

The meals are hearty and since we haven’t had any complaints—delicious. The minimal cost helps defer the cost of the ingredients that go into that meal. Where else can you get a hearty bowl of chili and corn bread for $2? Or albondigas filled with vegetables for $1? Or meatloaf with at least four servings of vegetables for $1? Not only inexpensive but filling and nutritious.

Enough about the advantages of some of the programs offered at 3030. If you haven’t attended them, please make it a point to

participate in one, two or all of the events.

Yes, these activities exist for the members, family and friends but there’s A LOT of stuff that happens behind the scenes in order for these events to happen. We need member help in sorting, cleaning, planting, filing, organizing, setting up… the list can go on and one but I figure you’ve gotten the point. So next time you attend an activity or have an idea for an event, please give us a hand.

To paraphrase JFK, “ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do FOR AND WITH your club.”

Spring Cleaning Away,

The Indoor Outlook Editor

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