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Our beautification project is moving along great and

everything is looking beautiful and fresh!

Darin Sims has almost finished painting the first floor of the building. Just the entrance walls and touch-ups are needed to complete the main walls. The windows and trims are the second phase of the project… one step at a time! BIG improvement to the overall look of the building, especially with all the cracks and holes fixed.

David Rubi came to replaced the damaged air vents, which he constructed, on the roof. Then it was ALL ABOUT THE LIGHTING! We now have new light scones on the patio and BRIGHT LIGHTS in the parking lot. Go look!

FINALLY got around to stripping the lobby cabinet, but it still needs some more sanding which makes a big, Big, did I mention BIG MESS! Starting to take shape though so check it out on your way in next time you’re here.

Come on… get involved and leave your mark on the clubhouse. STAY TUNED… MORE IMPROVEMENTS COMING SOON!

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