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The Winner Is...

We had numerous door prize winners at our Holiday dinner! Imelda DeLaTorre, Jackie Johnson, David Juare, Elizabeth Denman, Denise Lala and Steffe Esparza all received Holiday candy cups. Sandi Nicholls won $26.00 in the 50-50 Opportunity Drawing.

Our Basket Opportunity drawing helped raise $111.00. Winners included Sandra Spencer who won a Chocolate Basket, Diana McDonald who won a Winter Basket and Lucy Dolan who won the Doll Basket.

Members gathered on January 18th to play BINGO. Lee Wolfe started out the game by winning a regular Bingo. Not to be outdone, Sharlene Ornelas, Lucy Dolan and David Juare won the second Regular Bingo. The first Special Bingo was won by Sandra Spencer. David Juare won the East-West Railroad Ties Bingo followed by Penny Juare’s Regular Bingo. Last Special Bingo was won by Lee Wolfe. Nita Kramer hit a Single then Double Bingo on our way to Blackout which was won by the big winner of the afternoon –David Juare. Congratula ons everyone!!!

Penny Juare and Sandi Spencer rolled the dice for the Most Wins. Sandi Nicholls won with Most Buncos. Ethel Kirtly and Tom Trehor tied so they took the coveted boobie prize for Most Losses. Everyone played it safe and went home with their prizes.

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