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MTS for Paratransit


If you or someone you know has a disability and is unable to use the bus or rail services in our community without assistance, you may qualify to use the ADA Para-transit services.

In order to access these services, you must apply and become certified. It may take up to 21 days to complete the eligibility process for ADA Para-transit since Doctor’s verification is required.

For more information or to ll out an application, please contact ADA Ride, toll free at (877) 232-7433, or via the Internet at

If you need help filling out the application let us know at or 619-574-9151 to make a telephone appointment with us. We’ll ask you the questions and do what we can to help you ll out the application, print and send it to you for completion.

Remember, if you are a member and you would like a return ticket home from a scheduled SDISC event, please just ask us for the ticket. Tickets are for scheduled riding members and not PCAs or guests. Thank you to our benefactor for their generous donation. We greatly appreciate it!

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