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There are so many thoughts running thru my mind today. One of the thoughts is again so many people are dealing with senseless horror and tragedy in Texas. Church is where you should be safe, just like at that Las Vegas concert. It seems like something awful has happened every month whether it is from weather or violence.

There is so much anger in the world... against each other if we do not believe politically the way friends and family do. We can’t even tell each other that we might have a different thought or opinion without getting jumped on. We are angry that the things that we depend on, like our chairs and scooters which are always breaking down. Here’s an example, Maria’s scooter stopped working again and she had to rent one. They gave her one that was way too big. As she was getting on the bus lift, her scooter went o the side.

She fell off and hit her head. She is now in a convalescent home for a couple of weeks. She is getting better but it should not have happened. We are angry about that! Like I said, to much anger.

It feels so awful to have such angry feelings when I am also so grateful for so much—for Joanie who makes sure I have the best life possible everyday, for my family and friends and all my activies. I know how lucky and thankful I am for all I have and that’s much important.

Giving Thanks, Nita

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