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Wednesday July 4, 2018


Prepare yourselves for our annual 4th of July Potluck and Fireworks Extravaganza on YEP YOU GOT IT July 4th!

Bring your favorite dish or snack to share as we’ll be decking out the Board Room in festive dinner wear awaiting all those

delicious dishes. We’ve already put in a call to those fabulous cooks who bring deviled eggs, BBQ meatballs, homemade salsa and decadent chicken enchiladas.

Please try and bring food items that are in dishes already prepared. I don’t want a repeat performance of last year where I overdid it in the kitchen trying to prepare, plate and clean everything then I couldn’t walk to the bus.

We’ll be here early setting up, so you’re welcome to come early and just hang out or watch a patriotic movie. If you’re nice, I’ll even get the karaoke going and you can all sing for your dinner!

We’ll be moving out to the patio around 8:45PM for the best seats in town. Fireworks START at 9:00PM and end around 9:15PM so please plan your bus trips accordingly, you don’t want to miss out.

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