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Involvement Opportunities


Who’s got a green thumb or just likes to play in the dirt? We’d like to transform the two flower beds next to the bench and need your help.

Right now we have some purple plants in planters but want to beautify that area with hearty flowering succulents. If you have ideas and want to help give us a call. As always, we can pick a date and time and turn the entrance into a thing of beauty.


Members who can’t make the Sunday dinner have been asking to have the Newsletter sent to them. Do you have some spare time to prepare and address these mailers to members? You pick the date and time.


Let’s Feed the Piggy and donate your pocket or spare change. I got a smaller piggy jar and it’s HUNGRY!!! We’ve combined the dime and water bottle and it’s pilling up!!! Let’s see if we can top it off by the end of the season. Ed Gerber will tell us how much we collected come our September Sunday Dinner. Remember, every penny counts!!!


Start searching through your closets for stuff you no longer wear because it needs mending. Next month I’ll tell you all about an exciting new service we’ll be offering!

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