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Notes from Nita

This is the most difficult thing that I have ever had to write. It is a letter of love and a letter of good-bye.

Vicki Newman, a woman we all know and love has left us after a lengthy illness. This woman was very active with numerous community groups and she touched everyone she met with her gentle nature and winning smile. She was loved and appreciated by many long before I met her 20 years ago.

What can I say about Vicki? Music was her life! She loved to sing karaoke, and sing with Steve Uliano. She enjoyed being with the people at the Blind Community Center. During the Holidays, she loved singing with the BCC Group at the Prado. She was active with the Sharp Players putting her musical talents to work. Oh! I just though of something else... whenever we had to learn a new song, she would call and practice singing with us over the phone to help us learn the words.

She was very active at the San Diego Indoor Sports Club. She was a Past President and took great pride in helping induct new members into the organization. She also helped us with the yearly Nominations. Bingo was one of her favorite club activities. Once she got the hang of the Take a Chance envelopes, she was relentless in her quest for the ultimate prize. As she said, “This game makes me very very happy! Give me another envelope!”

I love you Vicki, rest well Chickadee. ”How deeply you’re connected to my soul.” Nita

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